Laurie M.’s multidisciplinary work originates from life and the art she has been has been intensely
absorbing since she was eight years old, when she silently declared herself an artist after recovering
from encephalitis. It was in that moment she was confronted with the dualities of life: fear/anger
/sadness/joy. She began to visually communicate these dualities through her work. Reactions to these dualities take many forms and are explored in a variety of media, including charcoal, word embroideries,
oils, pencil, photography, stickers etc. The final medium depends on the evolution of a concept. This duality work shifted in the 90’s with work about police brutality just before the Rodney King verdict and a poster design about racism. It continues today with recent works, a word embroidery, RIOT to remember the 25th anniversary of that verdict, and two large paintings, REBELLION & NEWARK IS JOY for the 1967/50th anniversary of the Newark Rebellion. Her current work draws on the duality of raw emotions associated with yearning for truth and beauty within a disconnected western society. Elevated spiritual symbolism, color shifts and the incorporation of textiles have become prevalent after a research trip to Indonesia in 2018. Laurie M.’s spiritual disconnect with western accepted “ideals” and her feeling of OT(HER)ness have amplified upon her return to western “society” and she is responding with new works unlike any she has ever created before.

The words TRUST, LIGHT and MAGICAL kept reappearing In 2018 in works leading up to a transcendent experience in Indonesia for Laurie M. All three words Laurie M. associates with Bali and the people of Bali, they were all reinforced while there. In 2017 Laurie M. made two declarations for the new year, before the new year even started: ABUNDANT JOY and ANGELIC PATIENCE, both of which she still works on incorporating into everyday life in 2019. These words are further explorations of two of her expanding bodies of work, WORDS ON PAPER and DUALITY word embroideries.

Within the duality theme she has been consciously exploring JOY specifically, for years, and recently joy has been taking physical form in the world through new works. A series of word embroideries, based around the word joy. MAGICAL JOY (tribute to Mycologist Gary Lincoff, man of the earth, and mentor to Laurie M.) who died in the same week of Stephen Hawking (man of the sky). Laurie M. wanted to pay tribute to her mycology mentor Gary upon hearing of his untimely death. MAGICAL JOY seemed to encapsulate all she felt about Gary and the forays she enjoyed going on with him as part of the New York Mycological Society. He had a profound effect on Laurie M. as a person, he was the true embodiment of both words. Other works in various media employ visual metaphors that clearly convey the healing power of pure joy. Laurie M. dreams of a collective world where all people experience joy. What would that look like? What would that feel like, to experience joy no matter where you were in the world with other people?

Laurie M. has participated in numerous historic shows including, Here Is New York in, SOHO in, 2001,
Life of the City, at the Museum of Modern Art in, 2002. More recently she has shown her political work as
a participant in Debtfair/Occupy Museums, at the Whitney Biennial 2017, 350 Portraits of Newark, as part of the OPEN DOORS Citywide Arts Festival in Newark in 2016, Finished, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
2015 and a solo show entitled SOUL BABY at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ in 2015, and was selected as
a participant in the 2017 Creative Capital’s Professional Development Workshop in 2017 and was selected
as a copyist with the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2017 Copyist Program. Group show, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017, Case Studies at Gallery Aferro in, Newark, NJ in 2018. Laurie M. graduated from the School of Visual Arts.